Naughty, naughty…BT

Just done a spot check on our BT Bill (as trying to avoid serving the tea and cakes – hahaha) and have discovered they are overcharging on both the line rental and cost of calls to mobile phones. When I spoke to them about it and challenged them about the prices they were quoting me Vs their website prices, they backed down and said they would refund me – they were trying to charge me over 10% more on my bill!!! Grrr – it wouldn’t be so bad if they gave a good service…


Gen Z – Hope for the future…

Who says the youth of today lack initiative.

This week we have Toby in for work experience, where he will hang off the coat tails of Rob, Dawn, Mich and Alison to learn in more detail what we do.

Toby is currently a student at the local school where he is studying for his GCSCs. Wanting to earn some pocket money, he approached various local businesses for a part-time job that he could combine with his full-time studies. O&M I.T. liked his attitude and have had him working in the office for a few hours a week doing jobs ranging from graphic design to data collation.

Let’s Get Organised!!!

Like any well run household or business, knowing where everything is kept is crucial. Who hasn’t wasted time trying to find something when it was needed yesterday. In my own anal and chaotic world, I need to have everything labelled and in its own place.

Here we are seeing more organisations asking us to audit and converted their existing Operations and Maintenance Manuals, Health and Safety Manuals, BIMs, etc from paper files to an electronic format. Sometimes we are even re-writing them.

The end result is a well organised filing system that takes up minimal space.

Cheap O&M Manuals

Occasionally we have slack times (though pretty rarely these days).
During these times we can offer our O&M Manual service at a bargain rate.
We’re pretty busy at the moment but watch this space for notifications of any slack periods.

2013 Goes Frantic

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

We have swung from being quiet and offering reduced rates for manuals in order to fill up slack time to being rushed off our feet once again.

We charge more for late notice jobs because these are inevitably more difficult as all parties are rushing to finish work and in some cases there are squabbles arising about work or payment.

So, if you’re thinking about it, get moving quickly. You have been warned!

Give us a call.

Although most of the time we hover between busy and very busy, the nature of the business is such that sometimes there are lulls in the workload as we wait for projects to start or when we have done all we can on a particular job and are bracing ourselves for the rush towards the end.

During these lulls, we can have some time that needs to be filled so we can offer reduced rates for people who want manuals done.

So if you follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook or join our group on Linkedin we will keep you informed when we offer reduced rates.

O&M Manuals. What are they?

Need more info? Visit O&M I.T.

O&M Manuals are pretty self explanatory. They are a written guide for the operation and maintenance of equipment and materials installed or used as part of a construction project. They are usually required in both printed and electronic (cd, dvd or uploaded onto a database or server) formats though there is a slow but encouraging movement towards electronic only among the more forward thinking of clients.

Content of O&M Manuals
In practice however, these manuals usually require more information than simply the operation and maintenance content. Typically, there will be an overview of the works covered, a list of the equipment and materials concerned plus additional associated information such as residual risk, manufacturers literature, drawings and test / commissioning sheets or certificates.

To further complicate matters, the type and complexity of the job may dictate that even more information be required within the O&M Manuals. Common additions to the basic format include asset registers, manufacturers and suppliers schedules, spares policies, disposal information, maintenance matrices or schedules and guarantees / warranties.

A complex job such as a hospital or laboratory fitout will obviously need more in-depth information due to the nature of the intended use. But there are also times when it appears that job demands a much more complicated O&M Manual than the end usage justifies. It all comes down to what is required in the job specification.