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Just silly stuff that has no bearing on work

Putting her knowledge to the test

One of our part-timers has taken up the challenge of doing up a wreck. She’s found a bungalow that has to be gutted and rebuilt.

Follow her progress on

I bet she’ll have an Operations & Maintenance manual for it!


Gen Z – Hope for the future…

Who says the youth of today lack initiative.

This week we have Toby in for work experience, where he will hang off the coat tails of Rob, Dawn, Mich and Alison to learn in more detail what we do.

Toby is currently a student at the local school where he is studying for his GCSCs. Wanting to earn some pocket money, he approached various local businesses for a part-time job that he could combine with his full-time studies. O&M I.T. liked his attitude and have had him working in the office for a few hours a week doing jobs ranging from graphic design to data collation.